It's good to be..
embarrass because feeling is part of getting wiser
Life is not about right and wrong

It’s all about perception as to how different people take things differently. We do things believing that it’s something unique, and people will love us for that but ultimately make a big mess out of it.

So what? You should be proud that you had the guts to do it, which others avoided. No matter how embarrassing the situation gets, don’t try to hide or give excuses about what made that particular thing wrong. Please do embrace your embarrassment.

Being stupid once in a while is not that bad. I believe that it’s a part of the road that leads you to achieve something important, which will ultimately make sense.

In short, do what you want to do in life. Please don’t give a s**t as what others are going to think about it. Avoid as much as possible to hurt someone mentally / physically / emotionally. And in case you land up foolish. then let’s be it. It is still 1000 times better than killing your dream due to fear of failure.

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