Build Your...
Funnel From Scratch
Step 1: Find out more about your target audience.

To ensure that you get the best out of your web visitors on your funnel, you need to do thorough research on it. Understanding your audience and also the best approach taken by your competitors can make your work easy:

  • Everyone has a pain point, and you need to find out theirs.
  • What are their interests? If they have to select you, then what will be their motivation point?
  • How do they rank on social channels at present?
  • Shopping online is risky. What makes your audience rethink doing online shopping?

It’s just a short and quick list. You can add more questions based on your target audience and industry.

Understanding your audience better will help you determine:

  • How to position your brand/product uniquely
  • Where to find your audience
  • How to address their pain points effectively
Step 2: Create buyer personas

Not every single visitor has the same buying tendency. There is much-published research available that can help you strengthen your overall study. The best approach is creating buyer personas. A buyer persona typically based on:

  • Why do they want to buy your services – product?
  • How they will use the same
  • What’s the motivation factors toward that purchase

You can personalize and enhance every individual customer’s experience by grouping them into a relevant buyer persona.  

Step 3: Creating a perfect strategy for generating leads

It would help if you told the story of your brand to your targeted audience. A perfect landing page with the right set of content can do the same.

Make sure your online marketing strategy include:

  • Influence based marketing
  • Allowing guest posting
  • PPC campaigns
  • FB, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, and other Social Channels Ads
  • SEO optimization
  • Landing page optimization to generate more leads
Step 4: Develop a strategy to engage your audience

Once you have the attention of your audience, you need to engage them. The goal is to educate all about how your product or service can benefit so that visitors develop an interest.

Your audience engagement and lead nurturing strategy needs:

  • Creation of highly engaging content with visitors
  • Sharing value-based videos through a different social platform
  • Sharing your blog post on social channels
  • Nothing can beat solid and verified testimonials from big brands
  • Sharing your latest updates, news, blog via email and other channels
Step 5: Convert your leads.

After a lead has developed enough interest in your product or service, they need to take the final act of making a purchase.

Make sure it is easy to complete purchases on your website by:

  • Reducing form fields
  • Minimizing the number of steps required to complete purchases
  • Providing one-click sign-in and signup options

I hope the above suggestion helps you to take the first step toward the funnel building.

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